13 Best and Worst Food Categories For Your Dog To Eat

Are You Feeding Your Dog The Right Diet? Take a Closer Look to Find Out!

Dogs deserve our love and attention … and they get it! And we take care of our beloved pet the best we know how by feeding them a diet of what we think is food that is good for them.

But is it really? In today’s marketing hype, how do know what to believe and what not to believe?

Veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker has compiled a best-to-worst list of what she believes to be best (and worst) food choices for your pet. If you discover that you’re feeding your dog food from the lower end of the list below, don’t fret because she also offers some great advice on how you can significantly improve the quality of your dog’s diet without spending a lot of extra cash on a more nutritious and often higher priced brand. Check out the list below:

  1. A balanced, raw, homemade diet
  2. Commercially available raw diet
  3. Cooked, balanced homemade diet
  4. Human-grade canned food
  5. Human-grade dry food
  6. Super premium canned food
  7. Super premium dry food
  8. Veterinary-recommended canned food
  9. Veterinary-recommended dry food
  10. Grocery store brand canned food
  11. Grocery store brand dry food
  12. Semi-moist pouched food
  13. Unbalanced, homemade diet – raw or cooked

But there’s much more to the story … Click on the video below now for all the details about each category.


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