13 Fascinating Photographs Of How Dogs Change As They Get Older


Aren’t These Some of the Most Heartwarming Pictures You’ve Ever Seen!

Most of us get our dogs when they’re just puppies. They then quickly become members of our family and we all end up growing up and getting older together. Too often, it seems like it’s overnight!

And just like us humans, some dogs tend to age better than others. Some tend to barely change at all while others grow grey whiskers and still others look like a furry ungroomed chia pet! Hey, but we still love them and that’s what counts. The following photographs are by Amanda Jones who chronicled the lives and stories of 30 dogs in her book, Dog Years. We hope you enjoy!

1. Corbet — 2 years and 11 years

how-dogs-grow-old-in dog-years

2. Briscoe — 1 year and 10 years

http://brightside.me/article/how-dogs-get-older-a-fascinating-and-deeply-touching-photography-project-11005/ how-dogs-grow-old-in-dog-years

3. Poppy — 1 year and 7 years


4. Fred — 2 years and 10 years


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