8 Thanksgiving Foods That Are Harmful For Your Dog

8 Thanksgiving Foods That Pose A Real Danger To Your Dog

Don’t Let Uncle John Sneak Something Dangerous To Your Dog This Holiday!

Thanksgiving is almost here. There will be all sorts of festivities, fun and food for everyone to enjoy including our dogs. Yes, our four legged friends will be so excited and running around looking to anyone they can who will sneak to them that extra snack bite that most people are so eager to give them.

But wait before you give them that yummy bite of holiday food you think is so great. Yes, it tastes great and your dog will probably love it too … but will it be good or harmful for them? Make sure you take note of the following 8 holiday staples that could pose a real threat to your dog so everyone can enjoy a big holiday meal together.


Turkey is a staple at almost every Thanksgiving feast. But did you know that foods high in fat, like the turkey skin, can actually be very harmful for your pooch? The skin holds onto all of the butter, spices, marinades, and oils that were used to cook the turkey and is very hard for your dog to digest. Sometimes, injesting high fat foods can lead to pancreatitis. It’s best to resist the urge to let your dog eat the turkey scraps that get left behind after carving, even though they may have a dynamite begging face.

8 Thanksgiving Foods That Pose A Real Danger To Your Dog


This popular holiday seasoning tastes delicious in stuffing and on the turkey, but it actually contains essential oils that are dangerous for your dog and can cause indigestion and an upset stomach.

This next food is a popular pre-dinner snack that can be very dangerous for your dog….

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