8 Thanksgiving Foods That Are Harmful For Your Dog

8 Thanksgiving Foods That Pose A Real Danger To Your Dog

Here are #6-4 of Thanksgiving Foods That Are Harmful For Your Dog

6. Nuts

Holiday staples – macadamia nuts and walnuts – are especially dangerous for dogs to consume. They can cause a toxic reaction within 12 hours of injesting them, which consists of vomiting, an inability to stand, and tremors. Symptoms usually go away, but it can sometimes lead to deadly shock.

5. Cooked Bones


Many may think that giving your dog the bone from the turkey or ham is an excellent way to include them in the holiday meal, but cooked bones prove to be more dangerous than they are delicious. Cooked bones could splinter inside your dog’s digestive tract and cause major internal problems. Avoid leaving cooked bones anywhere near your dog’s reach, and quickly dispose of any leftovers after the meal to avoid a costly trip to the vet and an unpleasant experience for your dog.

4. Nutmeg

Sweet potatoes and pumpkin, in appropriate doses, are a healthy treat for your dog. But you will want to take special precautions and make sure that neither of those have nutmeg on them before feeding. Nutmeg can cause seizures if your dog consumes it alone or as an ingredient in sweet potatoes or pumpkin, and in extreme cases can even lead to death.

This next one isn’t necessarily a food, but it is prevelant at every holiday gathering…

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