8 Thanksgiving Foods That Are Harmful For Your Dog

8 Thanksgiving Foods That Pose A Real Danger To Your Dog

Here are the Final 3 Thanksgiving Foods That Are Harmful For Your Dog

3. Alcohol

Most dogs love the taste of alcohol, but no type of alcohol is good for them. Even small amounts of alcohol, especially beer, can cause life threatening toxicity. The hops in beer can cause an elevated body temperature, racing heart, vomiting, and sometimes even death in dogs. Resist the urge to share your adult beverage with your dog, and you will avoid unnecessary suffering and illness.

2. Baking Essentials: Chocolate, Dough, And Batter

Keeping your dog out of the kitchen while you prepare those delicious Thanksgiving desserts is a smart idea. Even small amounts of chocolate can harm them, and dough can actually rise inside of their bellies, which causes stomach pain for your precious pooch. Spare batter contains uncooked eggs, which are always a risk for Salmonella, something both you and your dog will want to avoid.

8 Thanksgiving Foods That Pose A Real Danger To Your Dog

1. Onions And Garlic

Another set of popular Thanskgiving ingredients, onions and garlic, are dangerous for your dog to get ahold of. All members of the onion family contain compounds that can damage your dog’s red blood cells if ingested. Garlic tends to be more toxic than onions, however both can lead to anemia if injested in sufficient quantities, and contrary to popular belief, cooking them does not lower their toxicity.

Keeping a close eye on your furbaby during the Thanksgiving meal, or even allowing them to relax safely in another room, is a good rule of thumb for the holidays. Keeping this list in mind during prep and actual mealtime will make everything run smoothly, and keep your furbaby safe and happy! Happy Thanksgiving!

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