Amazing Dog Mother To Over 30 Different Kinds of Orphaned Animals

Want to See Some Incredible Examples of a Dog’s Love in Action?

All dogs are amazing animals. They’re always loving, entertain us in so many ways, are great companions to be with … yep, they’re the best kind of friends to have!

But there are some dogs that just are off the charts when it comes to sharing love not only with humans, but with just about every living thing it comes in contact with. Lisha is just one of those types of incredible dogs.

This Loving Dog Has Never Had Puppies, But Has Been a Mother to Dozens of Orphaned Animals. So Cute!

As if anyone needs another reason to love dogs.

Meet Lisha, a 9-year-old Labrador who was definitely born to be a mother.

She spends many of her days at Cango Wildlife Reserve in South Africa, where her owners work. For years, she has been caring for more than 30 different orphaned baby animals.

Dog nurturing baby animal


The sweet girl has never had any puppies of her own, but she still has that maternal instinct.

Her owners, Nadine and Rob Hall, have had her since she was a puppy, and they say she’s always had a feeling about when an animal needs her.

Dog playing with another animal


They say whenever she saw an animal that needed care, she’d immediately take it in.

“She would just walk up and lick the creature she was caring for. Although in the case of the porcupine that was more amusing,” her family said.

Dog nurturing ophaned animals from zoo.


Her owners soon realized she had a gift for mothering.

So they began bringing her the orphaned animals from the zoo.

Dog nurturing ophaned animals from zoo.

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Whenever an animal abandoned its young, Lisha got a new baby.

If an animal’s mother refused or was unable to care for it, Rob would bring them home. Lisha would immediately realize she had a new baby (or two or three) to care for.

Dog nurturing ophaned animals from zoo.


Lisha has shown that she will care for anyone, no matter the species.

She’s been a surrogate mother to many different animals. From tigers to porcupines to hippos –she loves them all.

Dog nurturing ophaned animals from zoo.

“She licks them and cares for them, almost like a mother would.”

How could you not with a face like that?

Family with nurturing dog


Lisha truly is a natural when it comes to mothering.

Nadine says that she nurtures and loves all of her babies as if they were her own puppies.

Other dogs are just as caring

And it’s not just Lisha who takes in orphans.

Other dogs have proven to be just as caring.

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