Dogs and Pumpkin – 8 Reasons To Feed It To Your Dog

Here are the Final 4 Reasons To Feed Pumpkin To Your Dog

5. All-Round Yumminess



Highly palatable, pumpkin naturally entices and satisfies canine cravings. It can really help if you have a dog that is not interested in eating.

6. Texture

Smooth and creamy, pumpkin is a great way to add instant appeal to your pet’s regular meal. Top kibble with a dollop or more of Fruitables’ fresh-packed pumpkin for a rich texture that will be wag-worthy.

7. Healthy Baking Made Easy


Interested in making homemade dog treats? Use regular pumpkin or Fruitables’ functional fresh-packed supplements that are healthy and palatable.

8.  Allergy Friendly

Pumpkin is not a common allergen, which makes it a great substitute for dogs that are allergic to grains, proteins, fruits, or other vegetables. You can always swap out other ingredients in recipes for pumpkin.



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