Family Members Shocked When Stray Dogs Show Up At Woman’s Funeral

Are These Dogs Really Paying Respect to the Woman Who Loved Them?

The following is an amazing story of how one woman’s kindness and compassion was remembered not only by her family members, but also by the stray dogs she so loved and cared for.

Family members, while at the funeral parlor that was holding the body of Margarita Suarez were stunned when they saw all the stray dogs that suddenly started showing up at the funeral parlor. They were shocked even more when they saw the dogs form a procession behind the hearse during the funeral.

After a long life spent being kind and compassionate to every animal she met, Margarita Suarez, an animal lover in Merida, Mexico, received an unexpected honor at her funeral – a pack of stray dogs and even a bird that showed up to pay their respects. Suarez was known (by both humans and animals alike) for feeding the throng of stray animals that gathered at her door every morning, and for taking a bag of food with her wherever she went so she could feed any animals she met.

The dogs even followed Suarez’s hearse to and from the funeral home, dispersing only once her body was being prepared for cremation.

When Margarita passed away earlier this month, family members were stunned to see stray dogs appear at the funeral parlor near her body

Margarite had been feeding stray dogs her whole life. She even carried bags of food to feed dogs she met.


She had made a lot of canine friends this way, and now they came to mourn for her.


At first, the funeral home staff didn’t know what to do, but they let them in when they realized that they were there to pay their respects.


“In pain, they jumped for joy, it was wonderful,” said Margarita’s daughter.


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