Hilarious: Corgis Celebrate Her Majesty With A Fancy Tea Party

Isn’t This One Of The Funniest Videos Ever!

In honor of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II becoming its longest reigning monarch, these little Corgis decided to have a celebration all their own.

Yes, the Royal Family loves the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and it’s rumored that the Queen has over 30 of these short-legged rascals. And oh, by the way did you know that Huntington Beach (Southern California) has its own Corgi Meetup with hosted hundreds of attendees at its recent SoCal Corgi Beach Day? Umm, small world, no pun intended, isn’t it!

But back to our fancy Corgi tea party. Join the fun as we too celebrate the Queen’s achievement by watching these Corgi cuties have the time of their life dining on fine food and drink.

Click on the video now to begin the hilarious entertainment!

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