How To Safely Remove Matted Hair and Tangles From Your Dog

Your Dog’s Coat Needs Brushing Just Like You Brush Yours!

If you love dogs like we do, you know that good coat grooming is a regular and necessary part of caring for your four-legged friend.  But how do you properly and safely brush out your dog’s coat?

If you’re like many dog owners, you take him to a professional. If so, you’ve got things covered. But what if you like to do things yourself or your dog has some unexpected tangles or matting in between visits? If you allow the matted hair to simply linger around you’ll find that your dog will begin to scratch these irritating areas. Or even worse, draw fleas or mites to the scratch areas.

That’s when knowing the right tools to use, the proper techniques to apply, and where to look for hidden tangles will help us keep our dogs happy, clean and looking great.

Check out the video below for great advice and excellent tips from a professional dog groomer on how to safely comb out all those ugly, dirty and hard to remove tangles and matted hair. Your dog will love you for it!

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