How To Teach Your Puppy The 3 Basic Obedience Commands

Does Your Puppy Know How To Sit, Lie Down and Stay?

One of the best things you can do for both you and your puppy is obedience training which include the 3 basic obedience commands to sit, lie down and stay.

And did you know that you can begin teaching your puppy new things as early as 7 weeks old? Yes, you can but you’ll want to remember to format your training in the form of fun and play.

You’ll want to establish an early relationship based on friendship and trust. That may sound like common sense but building a relationship this way at this early age helps to form  the foundation of how your puppy will interact with you now and for years to come.

Some of the basic guidelines of a successful puppy training program include:

  • Starting as early as possible
  • Establishing a relationship of trust
  • Using your puppy’s name when interacting
  • Training during “down” periods when your puppy is hungry or bored
  • Always using positive reinforcement

So are you ready to get started training your puppy with these 3 basic commands? Click on the Video Now to see the finer details to train your puppy the right way.

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