She Thought This Wondering Dog Was Weird Until She Found The Note On His Collar!

Doesn’t This Story Put a Big Smile on Your Face!

Dog stories abound on the Internet about strange things that our furry friends often do. Sometimes it’s simple playfulness and other times is just down right mischievous behavior.

Dogs offer friendship when we need it and help us to relax at the end of the day when we’re just exhausted.

But where does a dog go when he really needs a break? The following story is heartfelt story of what is interpreted at first to be weird and strange behavior from a stray dog but it turns out this behavior wasn’t so strange after all!

This story is the one that will just draw a wonderful smile on your face. This is a story of an old dog who was looking very tired. One day, the lady found him getting into her yard, and as she said, apparently the dog seemed to be well taken care of. He has a well fed belly, and also he has a collar around his neck, so she said that this dog is already having a home.


Suddenly, the dog came over towards the lady, so she petted him a few times on his head, but she was surprised to find that he is following her back to her house, she felt that there is something wired, she found the dog walking down slowly down the hall, he sat in a corner and then he fell asleep. After only one hour, he woke up and stood in front of the door, and then she let him out.


In the next day, the lady was totally surprised to find the dog coming back; the dog again greeted her in her yard. And as like the day before, he went to his corner and slept again, and the same thing happened every day for weeks.

So, the lady decided to do something about this dog, so she got the idea of pinning a note to his collar, she wrote on it that she wanted to know the owner of this dog, and she asked them also if they are aware that their dog is having a nap every day somewhere. Surprisingly, she found a reply on her note on the dog’s collar in the next day, the dog lives in a home with six children, two of them are under the age of three years old, so actually the dog is trying to catch some sleep, and at the bottom of the note the owner wrote, “Can I come with him tomorrow?”


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