The Minimalist Guide To Crate Training Your Dog

It’s All About Your Energy And Body Language!

There are many reasons you might want to crate train your dog.  For instance, to keep your dog from eating things you don’t want him to eat, chewing and ruining furniture, running out through open doors, or simply to keep your dog safe when no one is available to keep a watch on him.

Crates are also handy for transportation when it’s important for your dog not be a distraction while driving.

So how can we crate train our dog without a lot of hassle and trauma for our beloved pet? First off, it’s important to help your dog establish a positive association with the crate. Next includes the simple things such as entering the crate, feeling comfortable in the crate, closing the door behind them, and leaving them feeling safe while alone in their crate.

Ceasar Milan does a great job in explaining each of these techniques in the video below … and yes, in a minimalist way to boot!

You’ll enjoy the simplicity he brings to crate training your dog. Click on the Video Now to see how easy it can be!

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