The True Awesomeness Of America’s Most Military Elite Dogs

Fascinating Secretive World Of Real Life Military Working Dogs

Our military soldiers face a huge variety of danger, obstacles and unexpected situations every day. Every edge they can get is a welcomed asset and often comes in the form of our four legged friends.

Military working dogs can often provide that extra intimidation factor that is just the thing that is needed in certain encounters. They make our soldiers feel more secure by knowing that a highly trained dog has searched the area and has swept through things that are potentially dangerous.

The extensive training military dogs go through include a huge variety of skill sets from jumping out of airplanes to bomb-sniffing to a variety of attack commands.

In this video, we get a backstage pass into the world of military dogs and their handlers, and what difficulties they must face together. From overseas in Afghanistan to the streets of America’s biggest cities, these working dogs serve our country with all of their heart.

Honestly, it’s worth every minute of your time, but if you are on a time crunch, jump to the 5:40 mark to see a dog training session in action! Armed with an incredible sense of smell, combined with a work ethic that cannot be compared, these determined dogs have saved countless lives across the world.

Source: The Verterans Site

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